SEGG Media Donates “The Thirst Ride” Website

The Thirst Ride is up! We did donate this website. We designed, hosted, & maintain In addition we also maintain & monitor their social media networks (twitter & Facebook). In addition, we will donate a percentage of each new clients’ booking. Restrictions may apply.

The Thirst Ride is a cross-country bike ride that will take place June 6, 2015 & will end in August 2015. Currently, The Thirst Ride is looking for both sponsors & riders. Riders will consist of both motorcycle & bicyclists through one segment of the ride. This ride will be benefiting a non-profit organization, that will provide us with a link to a specific donation form, once The Thirst Ride has that information, they will accept donations online. Please stay tuned to for more information. Be sure to check out their blog at

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